Professor Rosa Nomen is one of the main contributors at the development and improvement of Health and Safety training, especially for Industrial Safety. 
We collaborated for the first time when Professor Rosa Nomen took over the management of a project (S2S= Safety to Safety- excellence research network) that had started badly- so that no one took his money in the first year. She solved the problems and made the project successful and a big help for the safety experts in the European Union – as they could access the knowledge inside for free. The results obtained in the S2S project were used in many other European projects later.
Professor Rosa Nomen was one of the most important guests of the ISTELS international symposium that was held in Bucharest in 2009. An excellent communicator, she is also one of the best experts in the industrial safety domain.
Some of the significant aspects of her biography are presented below:

-PhD on Chemical Engineering (1982, IQS)
-Industrial Engineer (1993, URL)
-Chemical Engineer (1978, IQS)

-Full Professor, 1992 -
-Vice-rector of Students and International Relations of the URL
-Dean of IQS School of Engineering 2010-

-Head of UNESCO Cathedra for Education, Technology and Development of the URL
-Coordinator of the Master on Occupational Safety and Health
-Chairwomen of the Scientific Committee of ICTAC (International Council of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
-Member of the Executive Board of ETPIS (European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety) and PESI (Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Seguridad Industrial)
-Member of the Administration Council of EFCU (European Federation of Catholic Universities)