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E-learning compliance- new ways to do it.

Introduction E-learning would be, if used properly, not only an instrument for learning in the XXI century but also a basis for innovative learning developments. The knowledge based society could be constructed only on the bricks of efficient, out of the box, borderline learning processes. Task oriented, objective oriented knowledge structured in order to perform educational purposes, called also eduknowledge could be the frontline for actual e-learning, mainly regarding learning of specific good practices in industry. Essentially eduknowledge is a knowledge, learning oriented, management tool. One of the main challenges regarding e-learning is represented by knowledge, more exactly by: -the usage of the existing knowledge (already available on the Internet and/or stored on the PROMIS platform); -capture of new knowledge, mainly resulting from personal experience of the learner, assessment of such knowledge and if valuable, including this experience knowledge into the e-learning (edukno…

Research to improve the efficiency of the safety training-2

Tactical design is focused on the overall internal structure of the educational product (e.g. a multi-year set of teaching materials; a year’s assessment; a professional development package). Typically it involves such things as: =Specification of core design principles, selected in the light of prior research on learning, teaching, and/or professional development trajectories – or, too often, just marketing; =Selection of specific learning and performance goals, including strands of progression; =Specifying sequences and cross-connections within the materials, balancing linear coherence with diverse multiple connections (among concepts and contexts, standard results to learn and open investigations to experience). Tactical tools- scaffolding and sequencingLike its namesake in the construction industry, scaffolding in education is a temporary support mechanism. Students receive assistance early on to complete tasks, then as their proficiency increases, that su…

Research to improve the efficiency of the safety training-1

This paper is a short resumee  of a  material developed for iNTegRisk- with the title ”Research regarding an efficient framework for the development and the dissemination for Specialist Courses for Romanian learrners” including author  views regarding the design, development and testing of such an e-learning prototype. Educational design will be the main tool for conception and design. It offers: -An approach that seeks to enrich the learning experiences of all students -A collaborative and consultative process that facilitates the development of curriculum development at the program and course level -A process to extend  existing teaching approaches and further develop your teaching expertise -A process of reviewing or revising existing courses. Using Educational Design means: -Diversifying the  approach to teaching through planning, facilitating, assessing and evaluating student learning -Supporting the course design through development of learning objectives, graduate attribu…