Professor Ph. D. ALEXANDRU DARABONT was born in 1933 in Lupeni. After graduating the University in Petrosani  and working as a lector in the Polytechnic Institute in Bucharest he joined the Scientific Research Institute for Labour Safety (ICSPM- actually INCDPM ”Alexandru Darabont” ). He became General Manager of INCDPM in 1986 and held this position till his death, on 19 September 2002.
Professor Ph.D. ALEXANDRU DARABONT was a very nice man, very supportive for the occupational safety research activity and young researchers. He succeeded to maintain a functional research institute in very difficult economic periods. He re-launched the research in the safety domain in Romania, on modern bases and supported the development of this research. He continuously improved the quality of research, facilitating the training of Romanian researchers in Germany, France and UK and also the implementation of European specific programs (PHARE and others) in Romania, through INCDPM. With his direct support a lot of researchers from ICSPM became PhD s between 1996-2000. 

Professor Ph.D. ALEXANDRU DARABONT was an outstanding researcher. Specialized in the research of noise and vibrations, he published 15 books in the domain or related domains and more than 120 papers. He was the author of 5 patented inventions and also the supervisor for the doctorands in „Occupational Safety”. He was an out of the box thinker, allowing a free and successful development of the specific research during the time of his leadership. He was the developer and the promoter of the actual training system in the domain of occupational safety in Romania.
Professor Ph.D. ALEXANDRU DARABONT was a very good mentor. He supported me in  my research concerning the expert systems development in occupational safety-  with his help I was able to obtain an European research grant at BIA in 1993 and also I could take my Ph. D. in 1996.