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EDUWORK is a cluster of methods and techniques that allow the employee to learn during the work hours. EDUWORK is based on the latest e-learning techniques and could easily contribute at having a better enterprise through a more educated workforce.
Work tasks could be specially designed so that they are including also a daily learning module- that could relieve the worker from the repetitive work stress and could improve his/hers skills and abilities.
To be truly effective, safety messages have to follow the principles of all good learning design. Specifically, safety messages have to be context-based. They have to refer to actual workplace situations, and get employees to visualize and anticipate safety-critical situations and the actions that are needed in those situations. Safety messages also have to prompt employees to retrieve these situation-action links and do that in a manner that is repeated in various ways over time.
The  approach works within existing business processes to embed learning and development inside the work of an organization.The approach includes:
1.Routines that improve learning capacity and  productivity by  transforming tasks into smart tasks with learning components
2.A Socratic approach to developing capability in the course of real work that can easily be learned by line managers.
3.An emphasis on preparation and accessing company knowledge management systems.
4.The opportunity to learn research, writing and presentation skills at work.
5.A focus on accountability for the work and ownership of the problem, project or client.
Some aspects of an EDUWORK prototype for  the improvement of safety and health at work are shown in the next figures.

Figure 1 Start-up page

Figure 2- Introduction into methodology

Figure 3- Definitions 1

Figure 4- Example

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